Tom's head shot

Thomas Stambaugh, consultant 

Tom helped invent personal computing as we know it today, making important contributions in user interface design, object oriented technology, hypermedia, groupware, and software development tools. Tom brings more than thirty years of related hardware and software industry experience to your problem, including Experian, IBM, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, and more than 25 years of experience in startup companies (including his own).

Steve's head shot

Steve Samler, consultant 

Steve found his calling in a postage stamp sized classified ad in the Boston Globe back in 1991. A start-up company was looking for someone with knowledge of the telecom industry that could review newswire output culled by an AI engine. The output would be faxed as custom newspapers overnight to customers at the carriers and equipment manufacturers looking to get a leg up on the competition. The company was Individual Inc.

After a few mergers, Steve ended up working for the R&D group of Thomson in Eagan MN, lending his expertise in company name discovery and resolution to the legal domain.

Most recently, and also via a few mergers, Steve worked for Experian helping to extract people identities and resolve them to consumer data, criminal data and social media data.

We don't know yet where this Covid data collection will lead, but hope to make it more useful by aligning it with other data organized by state and county.

Valerie's head shot

Valerie Greger

Valerie is an accomplished scientist and leader with extensive experience in human genetics, genomics, molecular biology and bioinformatics.

Valerie is passionate about creating value from scientific discoveries and transforming ideas into reality. She shows proven ability to successfully design, plan and execute on client deliverables. She brings a strategic view balanced by strong analytical skills.

Valerie is experienced in working in global environments with multidisciplinary teams. She thrives in start-up environments.

Specialties: clinical diagnostics, carrier screening, medical genetics, variant evaluation, data curation, genome interpretation, data analysis, NextGen sequencing, personalized medicine, genomic medicine, rare diseases, Ashkenazi Jewish disorders, hearing loss.